Testimony: Stephanie P.

I started drugs when I was 16 years old. It was a way to cope with childhood trauma, hurt, pain, and a way to fit in at that time. I never dreamed that would be the stronghold that would hold me in bondage for 24 years of my life. I never seen myself as an addict, or even having a problem until 2017, when I was introduced to meth and fentanyl, and became a iv drug user. I don’t know how many times I have overdosed and it is only by God’s grace that I’m alive today.

In 2019 I went to turning point a detox center, and the following year was invited to church a few months later I gave my life back to God. I have been attending Tri City Recovery for three years now. I can look and see all the things God has blessed me with. He broke my bonds of addiction, restored my children back into my life and continually blesses me everyday.Β 

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Testimony: Christine B.

I was diagnosed with many health problems which put me on opiods for many years. I thought it was ok because the Dr prescribed them. When I lost my Dr I went to my pastor and he told me about tri city recovery. I called the director Mark Mitchell and met him to see what my options were. I was scared carried shame and guilt because I was serving the lord and faithful to my...

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Tri-Cities Recovery Outreach program was invited to a local church to share God's word and testify.