I was diagnosed with many health problems which put me on opioids for many years. I thought it was ok because the Dr prescribed them. When I lost my Dr I went to my pastor and he told me about tri city recovery. I called the director Mark Mitchell and met him to see what my options were.

I was scared carried shame and guilt because I was serving the lord and faithful to my church but was an addict. I started the living free curriculum on life controlling problems and soon realized I had more than one. God healed me and set me free from the pain and guilt I was feeling. I have been serving the lord and still attending the T.C R classes for over 12 years now. If it were not for God T.C.R. and the living free program I don’t know where I would be in life right now. I am honored to still be serving others at T C R and sharing my testimony in hope that I can help others see the love of Jesus and how he set me free.

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TCR Newsletter

Posted is the 2024 Spring Newsletter. Please view for latest news and upcoming events at TCR.

TCR Community Camp Meeting 2024

The 2024 TCR Community Camp Meeting was a blessing. Each night several people came together to worship the lord together. Several Churches attended each night during this Camp Meeting. Every night the altars were filled with people receiving special prayer. The presence of God was incredible each night with countless people dedicating their life to Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. We are so grateful at TCR for how God blessed the meeting.

Spring 2024 TCR Baptism

March 28th was a special night at TCR. Several folks attended the meeting that night to celebrate 10 people being baptized. These folks that were baptized attend our Living free Community meetings each week at TCR. What a blessing it is to see folks finding true freedom.