Testimony: Joseph


At age fourteen I tried marijuana for the first time and at the time I had no idea that I had opened a door that would lead to a life of misery and hopelessness. When marijuana was no longer enough I moved on to cocaine and then to Oxycontin and heroin.

I was in and out of rehabs and mental hospitals for over 10 years. I went to a methadone clinic for a while and was on Suboxone for 2 years and have been prescribed almost every psychiatric drug available.

Finally, I ended up strung out on bath salts. I was empty inside and I was on a self-destructive course and all I saw in my future was death, prison, or a psychiatric ward. I knew I was separated from God and that He was the only one who could possibly help me but I was convinced I was too far gone. With nothing left to lose I cried out to Jesus to save me and have mercy on me.

Not only did He forgive me but I became born again and He has been at work in my life ever since. God’s grace is more than enough for me. Because Jesus died for my sins and rose again, I am not only free from the shackles of addiction but am living in total freedom and victory.

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TCR Community Camp Meeting 2024

The 2024 TCR Community Camp Meeting was a blessing. Each night several people came together to worship the lord together. Several Churches attended each night during this Camp Meeting. Every night the altars were filled with people receiving special prayer. The presence of God was incredible each night with countless people dedicating their life to Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. We are so grateful at TCR for how God blessed the meeting.

Spring 2024 TCR Baptism

March 28th was a special night at TCR. Several folks attended the meeting that night to celebrate 10 people being baptized. These folks that were baptized attend our Living free Community meetings each week at TCR. What a blessing it is to see folks finding true freedom.