Testimony: Brent H.

Brent H.

First and for most I want to thank God for saving me. I became dependent on pain pills and they took over my life. The pills controlled my life and I lost everything. I decided that I had nothing left to live for and tried to take my own life. By God’s grace he spared my life. God, my family and tri-cities recovery have helped me to break the chains of dependency. It is amazing what God will do in your life if you only turn your life over to him and allow his works to be done through you.

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church outreach


Tri-Cities Recovery Outreach program was invited to a local church to share God's word and testify.
Brandon R.

Testimony: Brandon R.

I became suicidal after a very long toxic marriage and divorce, the failure of my business, my children were reporting being hurt and abused and I couldn't get any help. I was exhausted. I overdosed on two bottles of pills combined with lots of alcohol.