Under the Tent

Tent Revival

Many of us have fond memories of old fashioned tent revivals. Those memories were replicated from June 26th – 28th in Bristol, Virginia when more than 200 people gathered under a tent in a field off Interstate 81. It was a blessing to see people from all walks of life and from various denominations gathered with a common purpose ~ to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To have the opportunity to see people make a decision to follow Christ is VERY SPECIAL, and we experienced just that! Individuals who were saved during the TCR Tent Revival, are now enrolled in the Thursday night Living Free program.

“Sonny” Wright, Friend of TCR

TCR gives honor to long time Living Free member Sonny Wright. Sonny initially participated in the Living Free program at the Abingdon Regional Jail, and was later saved inside the jail. Upon release, Sonny attended the Living Free program, and served as a volunteer. If you had the pleasure of knowing Sonny, then you know that he sincerely loved Christ. Sonny is thought of daily, and missed by his TCR family.

Carl Leon “Sonny” Wright
7/14/52 – 7/2/22

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TCR Community Camp Meeting 2024

The 2024 TCR Community Camp Meeting was a blessing. Each night several people came together to worship the lord together. Several Churches attended each night during this Camp Meeting. Every night the altars were filled with people receiving special prayer. The presence of God was incredible each night with countless people dedicating their life to Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. We are so grateful at TCR for how God blessed the meeting.

Spring 2024 TCR Baptism

March 28th was a special night at TCR. Several folks attended the meeting that night to celebrate 10 people being baptized. These folks that were baptized attend our Living free Community meetings each week at TCR. What a blessing it is to see folks finding true freedom.