Tri-Cities Recovery: Reclaiming Lives


Reclaiming lives Lives from Addiction Through Partnership with Appalachian/Northern Adult Teen Challenge

Tri-Cities Recovery’s mission is Restoring Hope, Reclaiming Lives by helping those whose lives have been shattered by drug and alcohol addiction. In 2023, a group of individuals connected with our program. They actively participated in our support groups with the aim of joining a long-term residential recovery program.

We greatly appreciate our partnership with Appalachian/Northern Adult Teen Challenge. After completing necessary applications and a simple phone interview with Teen Challenge, we successfully enrolled them in the 12 month residential program.

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church outreach


Tri-Cities Recovery Outreach program was invited to a local church to share God's word and testify.
Brandon R.

Testimony: Brandon R.

I became suicidal after a very long toxic marriage and divorce, the failure of my business, my children were reporting being hurt and abused and I couldn't get any help. I was exhausted. I overdosed on two bottles of pills combined with lots of alcohol.